Groovy Map Examples

The trend in the software development industry is going in the direction of making things easier and simpler. This is why languages such as Groovy is getting popular as time pass by. And there has been a big surge in popularity of Groovy when Gradle became the recent standard in Build Automation System. Groovy is just hands down concise and simpler than Java and makes developer time so much more efficient. In this post, we will explore how to use Groovy Maps by providing examples for different use cases.

Convert Groovy List To String

Groovy is now getting popular with the help of the increasing user base of Gradle. Groovy language is exceptional in being a very concise and powerful language. Compared to Java, writing things just needs very short code that is human friendly and makes developers happy. One common task we deal in most generic programming language is manipulating Strings and List. Below is an example on how to convert a Groovy List to String.